Comprehensive Guide to Starting a Block Chain Company


If you’re reading this, then I assume that you’ve just been tasked with starting a blockchain company. Congratulations! You are now one of the few people on Earth who has ever had to do such a thing. Don’t worry though, as this blog post will help you get started by teaching you how to start your own blockchain company from scratch.

First things first: what is a blockchain? This term refers to an underlying technology that powers cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin and Ethereum and it’s an open and distributed ledger for recording transactions across many computers so they can be verified without needing central authority or middlemen (which is why we call it decentralized).

The idea is that users can interact directly with each other without any intermediary controlling their interactions.

I’m sure you’ve heard all the hype about blockchain. If not, here’s a brief overview of what it is: Blockchain is an emerging technology that has the potential to change everything in our digital world. It’s essentially a public ledger made up of individual blocks, which are linked together and secured using cryptography.

The data stored on this chain cannot be modified or deleted without affecting subsequent blocks (with some exceptions), which makes them ideal for keeping track of anything that changes over time like financial transactions, medical records, etc. Sound too good to be true? Well, others might say so but if you’re looking for something new and exciting with huge potential for return on your investment then blockchain may just be the thing!

  • Benefits of starting a blockchain company.

Aside from the benefits of Blockchain cryptographic money exchange, the importance of starting a blockchain company can’t be overstated. Blockchain can be applied in different sectors including intellectual property, crowdfunding, digital rights, escrow, healthcare, private markets among others. So, a Blockchain company can be beneficial in the following ways.

  1. Intellectual and copyright property. 

Do you know that with a blockchain company you can secure intellectual properties? Well, blockchain helps improve the protection of digital and intellectual rights, It facilitates the protection of copyright and trademarks. With a blockchain company musicians, artists, creators among others can further present copyright infractions and protect their rights.

  1. Insurance. 

Blockchain companies can be of immense benefit to the insurance sector. For instance, with the services of blockchain technology travel agencies can help avert cancellations and flight delays faced by their customers. Plus, when a client makes a demand, installment can be conducted immediately.

  1. Decentralization.

A blockchain company does not save any of its information, including vital information under a central authority. Instead, the blockchain company’s information is copied and received across to the connected computers.

  1. Efficient Transactions.

With a blockchain company, you’ll be granted efficient transactions. Interesting, right? Well, with blockchain you’ll need less than 8 minutes for a complete transaction, and you’d be assured it’s secure after a few hours.

  1. Guaranteed Accuracy.

You have a 100% guaranteed accuracy of the chain as all activities on the blockchain company including transactions are approved by a connection of thousand computers interlinked together. This results in an accurate information recording and reduces human error, as most human involvement in the verification process is eliminated.

The above are just a few of the benefits of starting a blockchain company, and experts around the world are working to improve on the numerous sectors of the blockchain. It shouldn’t be surprised if in a few more years blockchain would be globally accepted.

  • Before we proceed, here are some things anyone considering this should do before they get started.

You should consider doing the following before proceeding.

  1. Start by reading books, articles, blogs, and other write-ups of blockchain technology. 

Get familiarized with the terms, understand the different aspects of blockchain technology. Attend virtual classes, gather materials and within a short period, you’ll be able to understand the concept of Blockchain technology.

  1. Talk to experts in the field.

Visit different already established blockchain company’s website, read through them, and if possible, book an appointment and see how things work and discuss your ideas, solitude for advice, and gain more insights on what to do.

  1. Find a team to work with.

For hiring a team to work for in the blockchain company you’d set up it is important to know what you are looking for. Look in the right place, for instance, LinkedIn? put in the time to train them and don’t rely solely on experience.

So, to create the right team for your blockchain company, you’ll need to look beyond your city, share all the popular websites, and connect with the people.

  • Plan.

Design a clear plan of the blockchain company mapping out the important element to consider, such as who your target market should be.

  • Research the legal requirements for starting your company in the country you want to start it.

You should research all the legal requirements for starting your company, every blockchain company requires a smart contract functionality, a shared ledger, trust, and of course privacy.


Now that you have gotten all you need to know about starting your blockchain company, let’s get started on starting your own blockchain company. The success of blockchain companies such as bitcoin, Ethereum reaching over millions in the past years has been an inspiration for different people into digging into the blockchain world.

Below is a comprehensive and strategic way into starting your own blockchain company.

  • During the initial code offering (ICO), build on a solid business strategy: 

Decide what type of ICO or token sale you will have (e.g., pre-sale only). The improvement of your blockchain company depends majorly on the success of ICO at the beginning.

In the life of every blockchain company or cryptocurrencies business, the initial coin offering (ICO) is one of the most vital stages. ICO is a form of capital raising or fundraising in blockchain technology.

Initial Coin Offering (ICO) is identical to initial Public Offering (IPO), in Which company shares are sold to investors.

Initial Code Offering (ICO ) is classified into two; Private ICO and public ICOs.

  1. Private ICO; Only a few investors are allowed to participate, under this form of initial coin Offering.
  2. Public ICO’s; This form of fundraising focuses on the public.
  • Work on your white paper – make sure it has all the information investors need.

The next step is to work on your white paper but wait! what’s a white paper?

The Whitepaper is a document that includes the blueprint of the solutions the project is going to provide, the problems, users interaction, its architecture, and an outline of the product.

The whitepaper is essential for the initial coin offering campaign to be successful. In no particular order, below is some information to be included in the whitepaper.

  1. Introduction.
  2. Table of contents
  3. disclaimer
  4. Team
  5. Where funds are going to be channeled
  6. Market description.
  7. Market problems.
  8. The process to follow.
  9. Product description and the problem it would provide solutions for.
  10. Tokens (how, when, why, and so on).

The above should be included in your whitepaper, however, it should be restricted to that. You can include more information. A Whitepaper can be more than 25 pages long, it’s a technical document and you can download any whitepaper templates online, there are numerous online.

  • Mining rigs.

Mining rigs are a set of computers that are used in mining bitcoin, it is the hardware components arranged to perform cryptocurrency mining and usually with high specification. Price, adaptability, and energy consumption are vital factors in setting up mining rigs.

These hardware components include GPU, Cloud mining, CPU among others. You can read more on the rudiments of mining rigs from Gemini.

  • Create content that is engaging and interesting for potential investors.

Content is the bedrock of every business, and the blockchain is no exception. Hence, creating engaging and interesting content is essential to gain potential investors. Below are some tips to follow;

  1. Be intentional about your content strategy.

Create in-depth research whitepaper, blog posts, articles, bulletins, and so on. For the success of your blockchain company, you need to create compelling contents that explain what your company does.

  1. influencer marketing.

Partnering up with a social media influencer can create more awareness for your blockchain company. Consider taking up an influencer for your company

  1. Build a converting community of followers.

Build up a community of followers that converts and can be customers. Use social media platforms, create ads.

  1. Keep people informed.

Be very persistent about your company, dish out information to potential customers. Update your audience on regular updates about your company.

  • Most Blockchain companies have three leading technologies required.

  1. Cryptographic keys.

It consists of private and public keys. both keys help in conducting transactions between two parties. Referred mostly to as a “digital signature” and it is used for controlling different transactions between two people.

  1. Technology for keeping records and storing transactions of the network.
  2. A peer-to-peer network having a shared ledger

The cryptographic keys are combined with the peer-to-peer network, connected authorities on the system that uses the cryptographic keys to reach out to transactions.

  • Conclusion.

We have disclosed all you need to know about starting up a blockchain company and the basics of scaling your company through. Blockchain is the edge of technology, hence you’d be required to keep gaining more knowledge and use marketing efforts to put your company out for potential investors.

So, (DYOR)conduct more research and learn more on how to leverage your company because in the coming years blockchain would become an unbeatable name in the technology world.

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